We are a manufacturer and distributor of high-precision shafts and standard quality fasteners. That the world can trust

Sale and service from metal parts, shaft, fastener etc. with high precision Including high-speed automatic sorting machines (VIZION), international appearance inspection (DECSYS).


First, we are supposed to better know your demand. The key information on such factors as budget, delivery timeline and production volume can help us understand your needs accurately and plan your project reasonably. This is the basis of a correct concept.


After the stage of concept, we begin to design the detailed solution. NaiDe is an automation system innovator with superb knowledge, creativity and imagination. Our goal is to deliver optimum results for your business.


Our experienced and skilled operators enjoy the process from a prototype to an actual manufactured part.

  • CNC Machining
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Controls Assembly, etc

Professional Team and Extensive Experience

Our highly qualified team with years of experience and a thorough knowledge of machinery and electrical engineering support us to finish PLC programs and offer professional processing services. Besides, the superior teams for manufacturing, installing, testing and debugging all back up our turnkey automation solution.

Over the years, we have accumulated considerable experience to provide the premium automated system. We will evaluate the feasibility of the automated system according to your specific requirements. Then we can work with you to discover the most cost-effective automation solution and offer high quality equipment.

Now, we are serving for a multitude of industries such as automotive, hardware, fastening and sanitary industry. Over the years of solving numerous application challenges allow us to have confidence in meeting any industrial need you might encounter.

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